25 Lessons from 25 years of life

4 min readMar 22, 2020

A few things I have internalized over the last 25

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Anything is possible

To those who can’t get a night sleep without dreaming about a bigger life. To those who marvel about the small things. To those whose eyes flicker with hope every time they face difficulty. To those who don’t quit.

Self-respect comes first

Self-respect is earned. It is earned by your body of work. It is earned by doing the work that you don't like to do. The work that must be done. And the work that ultimately leads to personal growth.

You are more afraid of succeeding

You are more afraid of succeeding than you are failing. Living a life of your own desires can put in you in an uncomfortable space. Your friends and loved ones might not relate. You might be odd, awkward, and might not want to hit the club every thirsty Thursdays, instead, you might manage to get to know yourself a bit more. And that life can become a bit lonesome. Well, who wants to be alone? Me.

The most profitable skill

Is your ability to learn something new. That’s the superpower that will lead you to your greatest desires. Anything you want in life, you can have, if you are willing to do the work required.

Working is investing in yourself

Hard work is the biggest investment you can make. Sow as many seeds as you possibly can, and you can’t help but reap the fruits many times over.

Everything must be organized

I have noticed those who are most organized tend to get the most done.

Life at the helm

Life is much more fun when you are at the helm. So do yourself a favor and position yourself accordingly.


You seek to control so much you end up being controlled by the very thing you wanted to control in the first place. What a dilemma.

That thing

You know it’s there. You’ve gotten accustomed to the visitor visiting every so often. It used to be way less, but now, it’s…




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