Why Entrepreneurship? 😅

3 min readSep 11, 2018

Let me start by sharing a quick story.

At the age of 21, I made the decision to leave UC Berkeley, amidst my junior year of pursuing computer science.

After two and half years of going through what I call, the mundane experience, I ran across a youtube ad by the name of Tai Lopez.

Tai is a successful American business-man who has leveraged multiple social media outlets, to scale and develop his brand.

And I remember vaguely, Tai was talking about the benefits of reading books and the value of personal development. He mentioned a couple of books that had a positive impact in his personal and business life and it left me very intrigued to learn more about this guy who, against main stream culture, advocated about the benefits of books in a very pop culture way.

After several videos, I was sold and found myself on amazon.com ordering some of the books that he recommended, one of which was Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

I went ahead and read the book from cover to cover. And I walked away from that book feeling like I had been living under a rock.

The book talked about the exciting life of the entrepreneur and the often unfulfilling life of the employee. Specifically, it defined an interesting concept called the cashflow quadrant:

The cashflow quadrant illustrates how money is made as well as the percentage of people who live in each quadrant.

When the concept of the cashflow quadrant started to sink in, I realized that the decision behind me going to school and pursuing computer science, was made without accounting to this understanding.

And this new found awareness opened the door to a lot of internal reflections as to what kind of life I would like to pursue.

Which brings me back to why I chose the life an entrepreneur:

You Are Fully Responsible

The biggest liberation that you’ll feel when you embark on the entrepreneurial journey will probably come as a result of you shifting your mindset.

That includes the way you feel about yourself, your competency, and your circumstances. If you believe that you are responsible…


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