Walking revitalizes everything

3 min readMar 20, 2020

When was the last time you went on a walk?

I believe in therapy. But I believe in the right kind of therapy. The kind of therapy that is self-prescribed.

You might be wondering, why?

When it comes to healing or understanding your body, there is only one person who knows best more than anyone else, you! No one else. Even your favorite primary doctor who might have gone to school for the last thousand years will not know what it means to move, breathe, and live in the body that you have occupied.

You — know what is best for you. Now granted, sometimes you might struggle to really feel your body and its intricacies. Sometimes you might not detect the symptoms of that cold, and find yourself sidelined from life.

You might find yourself, at times, unable to relate and feel like a foreigner in your own body.

That’s completely okay.

I think we have been designed to break down every so often in order to come back polished, completely reinvented. Sort of like a phoenix, we resurrect into something new with traces of the old. We evolve and adapt to the ever-changing climate of our consciousness and physical environment.

It’s a healthy ritual.

With that in mind, your goal is not to run away from these phases of life. It is to embrace them and immerse yourself completely with the intention of taking ownership.

What do I mean by that?

As you grow older in age, you might or might not actually grow. In fact, you might even find yourself going down a slippery slope — because growing in age doesn’t necessarily mean you are growing spiritually or emotionally.

Spiritual and emotional growth manifest through intentional practice.

What does this have to do with walking?

Walking is an intentional activity. Each step that you take on the pavement or on the trail is intentional. With each step, you clear your mind and sort of move in a rhythmic dance.

All of a sudden you notice that your steps match your heartbeats. Your thoughts flow seamlessly similar to water moving down a river. It’s a refreshing feeling that might remind you of what…




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