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3 min readFeb 25, 2020

It might motivate you to stick around longer

Of course, you are ambitious. You are immersed in a network of writers and readers alike who bring challenging ideas to the table. And that is true for you because that is true for me.

Since January of 2019, I have surfed Medium’s endless articles and responses in order to find jewels that can help me have an easier go at this thing we call life.

For at least three months, I was confused about Medium. I read poems, how-tos, tutorials, and many other formats of content. Although the tutorials were the main source of content, mainly having to do with programming and solutions to the software I develop, I found the motivational how-to guides more stimulating.

I kept digesting bit after bit of each article I read and had a stack of ideas and thoughts that could potentially give me an edge. With each idea, I felt a sense of accomplishment and a sense of direction with each day — I felt a sense of progress.

Of course, the feeling of accomplishment and progress was a huge productivity boost, so I kept on the habit and to this day, have not stopped rushing towards my daily fix every single morning.

Fast forward to today, as I was reading Ayo, it occurred to me that I have been consistent with this habit for one whole year. I was sort of shocked to reflect back because I have struggled to maintain consistency throughout my life.

If there is anything I have researched, it’s consistency. I have read books, sought out youtube videos, and read numerous articles in order to get a small grasp.

Each time I have researched, I felt so much further away from the actual “thing”, if you could call it a thing, that I was deeply searching for.

I have watched countless individuals display their consistency by posting new content, following up on their clients, waking up at 5 am — just as they had planned the night before.

Meanwhile, I struggled to do all of these things in a fashion that satisfied the ambitious person I know I am. And what sucks, is that I have so many ideas and plans that require execution. Plans that require actual time and work allocated on a consistent basis.

“I pray to be like the ocean…




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