The Devil In Me

2 min readJul 29, 2021

It’s there and I know it.

Photo by Marcela Rogante on Unsplash

Good morals and ethics are wonderful and oftentimes inspiring.

Keyward: often.

The rest of the time, the thoughts that are less socially acceptable are more interesting and keep the light-hearted in a great mood.

Sometimes, the best part of my mind and world is my dark thoughts. The dark brings me back to life and reminds me that life is as great as it is whatever.

But you know, in a good way. I’m sure there are ways that the latter part of that last sentence can be taken with a cringe, and maybe rightly so, but I guess that’s the point of the exercise.

To see beyond the mere words, and definitions, further than what society and customs have instilled in us from day one.

Could we laugh at something for the sake of acting stupidly? Is that enough of a reason to flip the switch and see life with a different lens?

Or should we always maintain the right and narrow path of righteousness?

Our need to follow the right path is also the need to feel certain about your life. To feel confident and absolutely sure of what will happen and how.

And there is nothing wrong with that, that’s one-half of the picture, isn’t it? My point is more so, are we open to experiencing the yin of life?

I believe the dark has as much room to help us find joy and sadness. Too often I watch people discard worthy experiences due to lack of light.

The light is a much colorful experience with accents of darkness. They thrive because of each other, not in spite of each other.

Let me know how you relate to your darkness. I am curious to learn how people experience their darkness.


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