Stay With Me Now — Ep. 1

2 min readAug 31, 2019
Photo by Christian puta on Unsplash

I have very few things I want to care about. In fact, that list is very very short.

I kind of want that list to keep on getting shorter, you know. That way, I can

see the possibility of flying the sky with no cares. No cares = no weight. No

weight = freedom. To of course fly onto the deep ends of a quiet and peaceful

sunset. It’s a magical experience that I have only experienced in my mind. It

seems like I’m half way there. Since I have seen it and know what it looks like.

Surely, that’s how things come about. I am grateful for this evening of hard

work. Dedication and a bit of goofiness. I hope whomever you are, reading

this message, take a moment to appreciate the good things in life. The simple

opportunity to wake up each day to do something amazing is a huge

privilege. A privilege often taken for granted. Folks, what else is there? It’s an

opportunity to see something into fruition. Day by day we march forth

towards our life hoping to answer our curious minds. Each day is unique and

offers tremendous things to learn about. It gives gifts in the form of wisdom.

It gives an opportunity to experience joy. It even gives an opportunity to

experience sadness. Both of which we need to fully experience to live a full

life. So with so much experiencing left to do, why not give it a try? You can

only try your best. That’s the only pressure you should put on yourself. Well,

that’s all for today. Hope to see you again, sometime. Bye now.

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