Self-care: Ep. 2 | How To Overdose On Courage

5 min readApr 12, 2020

By taking a real, deep, breath.

There was a time when I wholeheartedly believed that life had something against me. I sort of kept a tab on the amount of negative bullshit that I had experienced and made a habit of recalling those moments, unfortunately, on the days I felt slightly unimpressed with who I had become.

As the list continued to grow, I developed an equally less confident perspective of life and how I felt about myself in it. It never quite got so dark that I would’ve considered it depression, but it was a nasty attitude that, with enough momentum, could've destroyed the life that I now live.

Of course, there are multiple factors that have led me astray from that attitude, but the biggest change came as a result of learning how to deep breathe.

If I may look back and recall how I stumbled on deep breathing, I might be able to convince you why it should be your next move.

It was my second semester of 10th grade when I first learned about deep breathing. I enrolled in the required classes for my grade and had the option of adding an elective. At that time, there was no PE elective, which was my favorite, that I could add to my schedule. I browsed the other options and saw: drama, yoga, and something I can’t remember.

Drama felt too far from who I thought I was, and yoga was something I knew nothing about. And so the obvious decision for me was yoga.

After that first day, I was hooked. The instructor was this insanely attractive lady whom I felt knew what yoga was about. Throughout her info session and syllabus brief, I was convinced that she knew what she did and was confident of her competence just because of how she carried herself. I went home excited to buy myself a yoga mat and a miniature towel, per her suggestions.

When I got home, I researched yoga and gave myself a head start for the next class. I even tried a few poses just to see how flexible I was, only to be disappointed by my performance. I couldn’t even touch my toes but I was excited that I had the opportunity to learn.

On that second day, she started the class by saying:

We won’t be getting into poses just yet. Today…


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