Leading with them in mind

3 min readMar 29, 2020

Is something you should consider when you occupy a leadership position

Influencing people is not easy.

What people say oftentimes, comes in one ear and leaves out the other.

As a species, we are resistant towards outside input. We rather mute our ears and only hear our own voice.

Unfortunately, listening to others has become a chore so burdensome, that one must muster all that they have, to stay interested.

And maybe you are not that type of person. Maybe you are an introvert who only imagines soliloquy conversations. Either way, you don’t get a choice when you are in a position to lead others.

You simply can’t justify your personality if it doesn’t support your ability to empathically engage with your subordinates. Which, eventually translates to your ability to inspire them to become valuable assets.

I know, this is sort of a backwards look at leadership.

Usually, when you think of a leader, you picture an individual who gets applauded for good work that, he or she, might or might not have contributed to.

You may be an optimist and believe that the leader contributed, and you may or may not be a pessimist if you believe there was no valuable contribution. In either scenario, the leader lives in the spotlight and takes probably more credit than the fair share.

The leader by default is ascribed various types of accolades to all completed work. The leader is also believed to be the originator of the idea as well as the manifestation of said idea.

Except, that’s hardly the case.

Practically speaking, leaders do the least amount of work.

Now they obviously have earned the privilege to do the least, but it has become an acceptable phenomenon throughout many cultures.

At the very least, this is has been true to me — about executives, managers, all the way to your supervisors.

Now, that is the general picture of leadership — more of a birds-eye perspective.

And it’s a perspective that has helped the development of the industrial age, but I question its merits in this dynamic informational age.




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