I Am Proud

2 min readSep 30, 2019

The small things I’m appreciating about me

I was in the bathroom looking myself in the eyes. The mirror also happens to have great lighting from above. I had just finished washing my hands and per usual, looked to the face I have come to really get to know as of recently.

Today was a bit different. I felt an optimistic and joyful energy that I have never felt before. I caught myself in the mirror and started examining why I felt this way. I started with my forehead then moved on to the cheeks, and then my beard leading up to my eyes. And then I felt stuck. The eyes locked on to each other almost as if to halt my search.

Those eyes were full and brimming with vitality. They radiated and left a hint of light that shined from end to end.

They felt like hope.

There was a warmth that I hadn’t seen. I saw the most genuine smile in those eyes and couldn’t understand why or more importantly how, my eyes could understood so much of that none verbal exchange.

I suddenly felt a burst of joy. I wouldn’t even call it happiness — I know I felt joy.

All of a sudden a mixture of feelings rushed into my head and I tried my best to slowly internalize and process them.

First Was Empathy

The first thing that I processed was empathy. I felt a great sense of empathy towards the person on the mirror. I almost wanted to give him a hug, to let him know how much I understood. I wanted so badly for him to go to sleep tonight knowing that I have listened intentionally. That I have paid attention to the details and have full understanding, sincerely.

Second Was Pride

I felt super proud; just like a big ole’ dad who witnesses his son’s first date. I felt sort of taken aback. I laughed and fully acknowledged that I have missed quite a bit growth.

After several moments, I came to a few realizations:

I am super proud of the growth I have seen in this person.

I am glad I witnessed true joy from the person I look up to most.

I am so grateful to have him in my life.

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