I Want It All

Recently, I have been contemplating about what it means to be successful. I have been reading books about self development and entrepreneurship and the principles that I have picked up, the mindset shift that I’ve seen in my self has completely contradicted with the idea of formal education. To give you context, I have been at the University of California, Berkeley for the last three years and I have seen my self image go down. I have seen my originality diluted into a system that brainwashes people to believe that they are growing themselves, whilst whispering into our minds that our values is measured by the position we fill. Keep in mind that I am all in for education and the attainment of knowledge, but not at all in for the motionless journey of following the rusty-old thought that a good education, followed by a good job/security leads to a fulfilling life style.

Like I said, I have attended Berkeley for the last three years, but I have grown the most in the last four months that I have read the right books. I personally believe that traditional school makes you a follower. It makes you follow the trend. If you go above and beyond with your own instincts, then you are probably not going to class and reading theory. You are probably in the world following those who have done the things you desire to accomplish. You are probably following those with fruit, not theory.

Again, all of this has been my personal experience. Not necessarily something you all will probably experience. But I don’t like a boss. Neither do I like to be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary and paved a path where there is no trail. I want to expand my wings and fly wherever I desire. I also want to accumulate wealth. I want to travel everywhere. I want to support the causes that I care about. I want to create opportunities for the people who will come after me.

I want to be the next Billionaire.


I write about holistic growth

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