Controlled Freedom

1 min readFeb 3, 2020

Freedom is so difficult to imagine. And because I believe we as humans are not innately free, it’s something that we have to figure out as soon as we gain some level of self-awareness.

Surprisingly, we are quite happy to achieve controlled freedom when offered ultimate freedom. We fear the ultimate freedom as much as we fear boredom.

We do not like altercation, neither do we want to give up procrastination. We defend and advocate mightily for individual rights and at the same time, sigh baffled that God would mistake us for others.

We are super special. We are super special because we figured out the truth. We realized that it’s not fair game. We couldn’t help but be grateful for our miraculous talents.

We knew they couldn’t relate and for that reason, we were free, different.

We do wish others the best of luck.

That much, we are very much in agreement.

We are there cheering for them. We are waiting for them to figure it out faster than the other others.

Sometimes they surprise us and finish on time.

Reflections of the Ego — Act #1

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