Being Black Is A Privilege

2 min readSep 13, 2019

A privilege worth every, bit of embracing.

Photo by Bill Hamway on Unsplash

As someone who is armored and clothed by black skin, it’s almost impossible for me to avoid the black narrative. That narrative usually goes along the lines of: unintelligent, uncreative, unproductive, & ends with something like intolerable.

It is a long standing narrative that, God knows how, has become very assertive at defining black people.

It is a narrative that has given identity to a people, whose identity has been somewhat misplaced.

It is a crippling narrative, at best.

And yet,

It is a narrative that defines a chip that can spark any revolution.

It is a narrative that can inspire and spur growth.

It is a narrative of what was and not what will be.

It is a narrative that I believe, personally, gives me the motivation to change my situation.

It is a narrative that reminds me of my competitive nature.

It is a narrative that, quite frankly, gets me in the mood to be intelligent, creative, productive, and wildly appreciated and congratulated.

It is a narrative that reflects my speciality. It is what makes me exclusive and expensive. Even if you tried to replicate me, you wouldn’t stand a chance at my originality. So much of which you don’t get to have due to that minor misunderstanding of who I am.

So please take some time to actually get to know me.

Say hi, hello, what’s up, dude, or just straight up nod.

At least, try.

Because if you don’t, you are missing out on a lot. A whole lot.

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